As professionals in health supplements, we've been involved in producing various OEMs for many companies over the years. Our company provides high quality at low price, but with our unique API's ”ODM” concept, we have also realized original integrated manufacturing with overwhelming originality and high added value.Various ”Powers of D” are included in it. Design which enables optimum planning and design, Discovery to find new value, enormous amount of Data to support the technical strength, and Dedication, which means a dedicated attitude to think from the customer's point of view. All of these are also ”The power of API” that we have accumulated during our long history of more than 100 years of operation. As each customer's needs are different, the API's ODM solution is tailored to each customer. We will continue to contribute to people's health by responding to customers' needs more than ever and by creating superior products that reach our consumers immediately.

Powers of DーBeyond Your Expectations Designing High Value Added Productsー

”Research and Development”【Discover 】【Dissertation 】

At Nagaragawa Research Center, which is not only our base for research and development of API, but also the Functional Research Group, Analytical Chemistry Group, Safety Research Group and Product Development Groups, the ingredients of various materials are evaluated scientifically. We are doing basic research aiming at application in the food and pharmaceutical fields.

  • Nagaragawa Research Center01

    Nagaragawa Research Center01

  • Nagaragawa Research Center02

    Nagaragawa Research Center02

  • Nagaragawa Research Center03

    Nagaragawa Research Center03

  • Nagaragawa Research Center04

    Nagaragawa Research Center04

”Technology Development”【Data 】【Device 】

The Next Stage Factory and the other four factories that manufacture product are equipped with the latest technology. We process raw materials, instantly turning water-rich materials into powders using methods such as the Centrifugal Force Dryer Add Mill, Micronization, Emulsification, Fermentation, and other methods, which are used in beverages, soft and hard capsules, tablets, granules, etc. In addition, the technology development staff dispatched at each factory works on producing excellent product prototypes on a daily basis.

  • Ibigawa Factory,Next Stage Factory,Technology Development Division

    Ibigawa Factory,Next Stage Factory,Technology Development Division

  • Ikeda Factory,Technology Development Division

    Ikeda Factory,Technology Development Division

  • Motosu Factory,Technology Development Division

    Motosu Factory,Technology Development Division

  • Our four factories

    Our four factories

”Quality Assurance”【Defend 】【Detect 】

In order to ensure the safety of our most important products, we have also established a unique and strict quality assurance system in our factories. Our Quality Center manages traceability with stricter levels than even government institutions. Each factory has undergone accurate manufacturing and quality control and is certified by health supplement GMP and FSSC22000. In each process, we have established unique analysis items tailored to the customer's products and thoroughly manage quality and safety.

  • Next Stage Factory,Quality Management Division

    Next Stage Factory,Quality Management Division

  • Ikeda Factory,Quality Management Division

    Ikeda Factory,Quality Management Division

  • Motosu Factory,Quality Management Division

    Motosu Factory,Quality Management Division

  • Ibigawa Factory,Quality Management Division

    Ibigawa Factory,Quality Management Division

 ”Solution”【Design 】【Dedication】

Born from these high technical capabilities and a fulfilling research environment is our unique planning proposal that maximizes customers' benefits. It can be said that the product development that exceeds customers' expectations and provides high added value and unique origin is ODM which API is beyond the scope of OEM. In the health food and supplement market, differentiation from other products is important, so the API mission is to respond to all customers' desires by “using superior ingredients to create unique products”, and this is the way API contributes to ODM.

  • Planning


  • Proposal


  • Head Office

    Head Office

  • Next Stage Factory

    Next Stage Factory