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Manufacturing Equipment

Blow FillingOur technology has made it possible to offer liquid cosmetics and health foods in single use resin containers.


■ Container Sizes

■ Features
  • Single use containers make cosmetics convenient and easily portable.
  • Single use containers, which used to only be used for high-end cosmetics, are now available at a low cost.
  • We can design products using our original formula liquids.

Dietary Supplements, Soft Drinks

■ Container Sizes

■ Features
  • Color can be added as preferred.
  • Now we can design an all new style of dietary supplements and soft drinks
  • By switching over from the standard glass bottle, we can make easier-to-carry dietary supplements and soft drinks.
  • We can design products using our original formula liquids
  • Customers can now seek even more originality with a high value-added version of their standard products.

Manufacturing Process