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Quality Assurance

Thorough Quality Control SystemWe aim for perfect safety with a quality control system that suits a company with its own plants.

We aim for perfect safety with a quality control system in place that suits a company with proprietary plants.

Food safety is an important universal theme. Quality control for manufacturing in API's plants is conducted thoroughly. We implement stringent checks on raw materials and on the entire process until they become products. Every employee strives for safe and reliable quality assurance.

Traceability Control

In API's Quality Center, we undertake thorough traceability control for all supplements and bee products based on more stringent standards than those of government agencies.
We conduct strict testing to ensure the absence of residual pesticides, and visit China, Brazil, Thailand and the other countries where our raw materials originate to provide guidance to our producers.

GMP-Certification for Dietary Supplements

Due to our strict and accurate manufacturing and quality control, dietary supplements from GMP_certified API Ikeda Plant. This is proof of our commitment to quality and safety.
We have quality control staff stationed full-time at every plant who strive to ensure safety by collecting data on everything from raw materials to finished products to products in the market.

Clean Environment

We are confident that API's sanitation management system is world-class. Our lines can be kept sanitary at all times, and our employees played a role in designing them this way. Each and every employee on the lines strives to follow our sanitation management policy in seeking a 100% clean environment.

API's Mission