Pharmaceuticals (OEM) Manufacturing

Ikeda Pharmaceutical Plant

Ikeda Pharmaceutical Plant

Plant Overview

  • Name:
    API Co., Ltd. Ikeda Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Location :
    234-1 Aza Kaigomori, Dan, Ikeda-cho, Ibi-gun, Gifu Prefecture
  • Operating License :
    December 28th, 2014 (License category: Sterile pharmaceuticals)
  • Building :
    5-story, steel-framed building
  • Site Area :
    17,345 m2
  • Building Area :
    3,917 m2
  • Total Floor Area :
    16,817 m2
  • 5th Floor :
    Laboratory, Specimen Storage, Document Storage, Office
  • 4th Floor :
    Manufacturing area (Intradermal ampoules (freeze-dried))
  • 3rd Floor :
    Manufacturing area (Freeze-dried vials / powder-filled vials)
  • 2nd Floor :
    Packaging area (inspection, lot printing, label wrapping, shrink wrapping, boxing)
  • 1st Floor :
    Warehouse/Distribution Center, Conference Room, Reception Room

Scope of Contract Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Line Container
    Scope of Contract Manufacturing
  • Lyophilization for injection Vial
    Weighing, dissolution, sterile filtration, filling, Freeze-Drying, capping, tightening
  • Powder-filling for injection Vial
    Weighing, mixing, filling, capping, tightening
  • Inspecting and packaging Vial
    Visual inspection, image inspection, packaging (including shrink-wrapping)
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