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Basic Policies on Procurement

Basic Policies on Procurement

We have formulated these Basic Policies on Procurement in an effort to facilitate sustained development of our business together with our business partners through procurement activities. We work to ensure that business partners comply with these policies.

1. Fairness and impartiality

We determine business partners with the principle of fair, impartial and free competition by comparing and evaluating potential suppliers based on reasonable, clear standards such as quality, pricing, lead time, supply stability, and reliability.

2. Compliance

A social conscience that is founded on the principles of corporate ethics combines with a commitment to complying with all applicable laws to guide our actions.
Our approach to entertainment and gifts falls within the bounds of socially accepted common sense and is governed by internal standards. Members of our Procurement Department are prohibited from accepting meals or gifts from business partners.

3. Social responsibility

We strive to carry out our social responsibility as a corporation by working to contribute to society and by taking into account the needs of the global environment and our local community.

4. Information security

In addition to ensuring that sensitive information received from business partners in the course of business transactions remains confidential, we require business partners to take appropriate steps to safeguard confidential and personal information that we disclose to them.

5. Development of trust

We work to build good relationships with business partners so that we can better propose competitive products to customers. To that end, we believe that it is important to build relationships of trust by working with business partners to mutually evaluate necessary performance, for example in terms of the quality, safety, and cost of materials and ingredients.