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Manufacturing Equipment

Production SystemProduct Diversity. Low Cost. We achieve reliability, safety and low cost with fully-integrated production in our own plants.

  • Tablet Manufacturing
  • Hard Capsule Manufacturing
  • Soft Capsule Manufacturing
  • Granule Manufacturing
  • Blow Filling
  • Drink Manufacturing ~ Bottle Filling ~
  • Drink Manufacturing ~ Small Bottle Can Filling ~
  • Drink Manufacturing ~ Large Bottle ~
  • Filling and Packing

One-stop Manufacturing to Meet Every Customer Demand

Based on the concept of fully-integrated production to meet any needs swiftly, API has all the equipment necessary for formulation and all types of filling and packaging. Since we do everything from ingredient preparation to manufacturing under one roof, we offer quick, safe and low-cost service.

Storage of Ingredients and Products

We only use ingredients that have passed our stringent screening process. We also have a fully-equipped constant temperature cold storage warehouse to keep ingredients in the best condition. In addition, we control temperature and humidity when we store products and have a rack warehouse that allows us to quickly ship only the number of products needed at any given time.

Rack Warehouse
Product Warehouse

Ingredient Processing

API possesses excellent processing technology for creating health foods. We have earned a reputation for our vacuum freeze-drying technology, our fermentation technology that boosts the nutritional value of raw materials, and our technology for enriching and distilling natural extracts.

Freeze Dryer

Types of Processing

API operates various processes for making compacted powder tablets, hard capsules filled with powder, granules or liquid and gelatin-coated soft capsules, all of which are suited to health foods.We also formulate coatings to make tablets easier to swallow.

Tablet Maker
Hard Capsule Filler


We can pack capsules and fill all kinds of containers, from aluminum packs and blow packs to sticks. With our equipment we can fill packages with a wide array of materials, and we only ship products after they have been carefully inspected.

Three-Way Assorted Filling
Pouch Filling