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API's Elite Affiliate CompanyAPI (SHANGHAI) Trading Co., LTD.: raising the curtain on a new stage for API.

Roles and Functions of API (SHANGHAI) Trading Co., LTD.

Established by API, API (SHANGHAI) Trading Co., LTD. is an important affiliate company. Not only is it our sales hub in China, which is home to factories that produce the raw materials we use, it also provides us with continuous support by conducting quality control on the raw materials we import.
The most important role that our affiliate plays is in reducing the cost of quality control for raw materials sourced from China. In the past, quality control involved analyzing an advance sample and then analyzing the actual raw material again under the same conditions. While this was absolutely necessary to ensure quality, it was an inefficient process.
By establishing API (SHANGHAI) Trading Co., LTD. we made it possible to conduct quality control on-site in China. Now we are able to import only those products whose quality has been verified with one analysis, thereby halving analysis costs and drastically reducing shipping costs.
In addition, we can respond swiftly in any problems should arise on-site, thereby reducing return shipping and disposal costs. API (SHANGHAI) Trading Co., LTD. places special focus on quality control by providing quality control training to partner manufacturers and choosing to do business only with vendors who have sufficient quality control training.Our eventual aim is to develop a quality control system in China on par with ours in Japan.