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  • Incorporated October 1972 (founded in 1907)
  • Representative Takahiko Nonogaki
  • Capital ¥48,000,000
  • Businesses ●Manufacture and sales of honey, royal jelly and other bee products, health foods, and pharmaceuticals
    ●Apiculture training and sales of apiculture equipment
    ●Research related to Dietary supplements
  • Number of Employees 1,488 (As of end-August 2021)
  • Recent Achievements Period ending August 2021
    Sales: ¥36,770 million / Profits: ¥2,560 million
  • Banks The Juroku Bank,Ltd Main Branch, The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank,Ltd Gifu Branch, MUFG Bank,Ltd Gifu Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Shinbashi Branch, Mizuho Bank,Ltd Nagoya Branch
  • Affiliated Companies Gifu Yoho Co., Ltd., API Holdings Co., Ltd., API (SHANGHAI) Trading Co., LTD., UNIGEN Inc.
  • Chairman Takashi Nonogaki
  • President Takahiko Nonogaki

API's Wish

API presses on into the future, striving to realize its ultimate goal:
contributing to better health.

API’s corporate philosophy is to harness the power of honeybees and foster full, healthy lifestyles, a vision that has guided the company ever since its founding in 1907, over a century ago. In 1994, we broke into the market of dietary supplements from apiculture market.
As a health foods OEM, we have been meeting many customers’ needs diversely. In 2004, our business was expanded into the contracted manufacturer of pharmaceutical products.
In May 2013, we started up our IKEDA Bio Pharmaceutical Plant which is capable of supplying superior next-generation biopharmaceutical. We are currently working on building contract drug manufacturing into a major business second to our dietary supplement.
In today’s rapidly aging Japanese society, the fields of medicine, long-term care, and welfare have assumed growing importance. People, concerned about their future, wish to live healthy lives, a hope that API shares as it works to make valuable contributions to health and well-being.
Based on new ideas that originated in our dietary supplement business, we have developed "API's ODM," a further refinement of the ODM concept achieved by leveraging the knowledge and experience gained as an OEM to provide total support from marketing to raw material pioneering, planning, development, engineering, and manufacturing, as well as assured quality. Since our founding we have continuously taken on new challenges, such as boosting our pharmaceutical business by introducing UNIGEN Inc. as our group company, with original technologies and production capacity of manufacturing drug substance for biopharmaceuticals.
There are still many hurdles we must overcome, but we shall dauntlessly and without fear of change strive to be a company that continuously meets our customer’s expectations

Takahiko Nonogaki
President, API Co., Ltd