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  • Incorporated October 1972 (founded in 1907)
  • Representative Takahiko Nonogaki
  • Capital ¥48,000,000
  • Businesses Dietary supplements
    • Design, proposals, manufacturing, and sales of dietary supplements
    • Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements
    • Submission and submission support for Foods with Function Claims
    • Manufacturing, sales, research, development, and contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
    • Research, development, manufacturing, and sales of culture medium additives for cell cultivation
    Bee products
    • Processing, manufacturing, sales, and import/export of bee products
    • Manufacturing and sales of beekeeping materials and sale of bees for pollination
    Food products
    • Design, manufacturing, and sales of processed food ingredients and food additives
    • Research, development, manufacturing, and sales of raw materials with health benefits
    • Design, manufacturing, and sales of cosmetics
  • Number of Employees 1,641 (As of end-August 2023)
  • Recent Achievements Period ending August 2023
    Sales: ¥46,183 million / Profits: ¥3,254 million
  • Banks The Juroku Bank,Ltd Head Office, The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank,Ltd Gifu Branch, MUFG Bank,Ltd Gifu Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Shinbashi Branch, Mizuho Bank,Ltd Nagoya-Chuo Branch
  • Affiliated Companies Gifu Yoho Co., Ltd., API Holdings Co., Ltd., API (SHANGHAI) Trading Co., LTD., UNIGEN Inc.
  • Chairman Takashi Nonogaki
  • President Takahiko Nonogaki

API's Wish

API presses on into the future, striving to realize its ultimate goal:
contributing to better health.

API’s corporate philosophy is to harness the power of honeybees to create a prosperous, healthy society. This vision has guided the development of our company since its founding in 1907, over 110 years ago.
In 1994, we broke into the market of dietary supplements from the apiculture market. As a health food OEM manufacturer, we have addressed many of our customers’ diverse needs. In 2004, our company expanded into contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, and in 2013, we started up the Ikeda Bio Pharmaceutical Plant, which is capable of supplying the next generation of superior biopharmaceuticals. Later, in 2017, we entered the vaccine business by making UNIGEN Inc. a group company, and we are currently working day by day to make this business our second largest business next to dietary supplements.
The social environment surrounding our company has undergone dizzying change in recent years. At our company, we have established medium- and long-term visions in order to address this changing environment in a flexible manner. The entire API Group is taking steps to strengthen cooperation between members, taking a unified approach to the challenge of creating new value in the health industry as a unique manufacturing company capable of sharing its products worldwide. We believe that enhancing our human resources is an important key to our growth as a company. We are committed to cultivating employees who will constantly be aware of the issues we face and will be willing to accept those challenges.
Furthermore, the progress we’ve achieved from our founding up to the present has been due to the support we’ve received from the local community. To date, we have been involved in a variety of social contribution activities, as we aim to be a company that is rooted in and trusted by the local community. We will continue to promote community-based activities as a member of the local community, including our efforts to address the SDGs.
In order to continue being a company that meets its customers’ expectations, we will continue to boldly take on challenges without fear of change.

Takahiko Nonogaki
President, API Co., Ltd