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Technology Development

Cutting-Edge TechnologiesWe hone our skills on the latest technologies so we can hear customers say, "That's what we wanted".

Attempt the Impossible

Even the best ingredients cannot be used for health foods if people cannot routinely consume them. API's technical development staff work hard every day to develop products that maximize the good qualities of all kinds of ingredients.
It is API's mission to try to develop those products that have been thought to be impossible.

Specialist Staff who Create Excellent Products

Our specialist staff sit down with every customer to discuss what he or she wants and create multiple prototypes until they achieve the sought-after product. In addition to shape and flavor, they also tackle the issue of suitability for mass production.
At API, we take the utmost care to ensure strict quality control when moving from the prototype to the manufacturing stage. When necessary, we invest in machinery and apply for government permits for manufacturing.

Take Every Approach

Dietary supplements come in many forms: drinks, soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets and granules. Since API produces every product in its own plants with fully-integrated production, we can take a wide variety of approaches in technology development.
We also possess ion exchange, fermentation and other advanced technologies for processing ingredients, giving us the tools that we need to respond to our customers' product needs.

Respond Quickly to Needs

It is API's mission to create in-demand products at the perfect timing, all while the world's needs continue advancing. We aim to respond quickly to our customers' needs, no matter how difficult the order.
We create products that please our customers, and we are constantly trying to see how quickly we can produce innovative products.

Processing Technology