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Powder Filling Line ~Vial Production~

Powder Filling Line Area 4

Filling machine

We use an accofil model with a two-head filling wheel, enabling us to produce larger lots and to simultaneously fill two types of powders.

Decompression capper

A decompression capper reduces positive pressure from gas generated when dissolving formulation.

Powder Filling Line Area 2

Vial washer and tunnel type sterilizer

We offer sequence of process from vial's washing to sterilization, and drying.

Filling machine

The filling machine having six heads auger is capable to produce up to 100 vails per minute. Filling amounts is controlled properly by IPC (In-Process Control).



Powder Filling Line

Pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveyor reduces the risk of contamination by workers when transporting drug powders during weighing and mixing processes.