Cytokine and growth factor

These proteins are produced by API’s proprietary platform technologies with use of S2 cells, a drosophila embryo-derived cell line.
They're characterized with a high level of activity due to posttranslational modifications such as glycosylation. Such posttranslational modifications make the expressed protein maintain a three-dimensional structure which resembles the natural state.

Recombinant human activin A (for laboratory use)

Activin A is a homodimer of two βA chains, each containing 116 amino acid residues. It is a cytokine which belongs to TGF-β family with a molecular weight of about 26,000 and responsible for functions such as inducing stem cell (iPS/ES cells) differentiation into mesoderm and endoderm.

Product features
  • • Manufacturing with use of insect cells (non-BEVS): Genes are delivered chemically without using a virus vector.
  • • Stable quality: We are capable of consistent manufacturing of high-quality activin with a stable expressing cell line.
Product content
  • • Lyophilized. 10 μg, 50 μg, or 0.5 mg per vial of recombinant human activin A
    (Composition: 150 μg/ml activin A and citric acid/phosphoric acid buffer, sterilized with a 0.2 μm filter)
  • • Host: Drosophila melanogaster-derived S2 cells
    *This product is for laboratory use only. It cannot be used for purposes other than laboratory use.
Product specifications
  • • Activin A content: ≥ 10 μg/tube (code no.: GF-001-010L) 
              ≥ 50 μg/tube (code nos.: GF-001-050L and GF-001-500L)
  • • Activin A concentration: 150 μg/mL
  • • Verification test: Bands found at 20 to 25 kDa (non-reduced), bands found at 10 to 15 kDa (reduced)
  • • Purity: ≥ 90%
  • • Endotoxin test: < 50 EU/mg
  • • Potency: ≥ 0.5 × 103 IU/mg
Sales inquiries

This product is manufactured by API Co., Ltd. and distributed by Isekyu Co., Ltd.
Inquiries concerning manufacturing can be submitted via inquiry form on this website. Inquiries concerning sales should be directed to the following contact:

Distributed by  Isekyu Co., Ltd.

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